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Web design responds to changing web use

The Internet has changed vastly over the past 10 years, but the last 5 have been really notable in terms of how much consumer trends are changing the web design industry. Larger screen sizes, mobiles and tablets have all made their mark on the way we create websites, so it's important to note exactly what has changed.

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WIN a ticket to the Joomla! Day UK Friday Night Social

Thanks to the guys at Siteground, we have been given tickets to Joomla! day UK 2014, and we're stoked!  We aren't able to make the Friday night social this year - much to our disappointment.  We'd hate to see the ticket go to waste, so we're going to give it away to one of the Joomla! community as our way of saying thanks.  If you'd like to win the ticket just fill in our contact form, making sure you give all of the reasons you think you should win it, and we'll be glad to give you our ticket.



Square Balloon is attending Joomla! Day 2014 UK

We'll be attending Joomla! Day 2014, many thanks to Siteground for providing us with tickets so that we can attend!  As many of you already know, we use Siteground as our hosting partner, partly because they are awesome and give us free Joomla! day tickets, and partly because they are awesome and give us great support in a timely fashion, but mainly because they are awesome and their servers are top speed.  Would you like to WIN tickets to the Joomla! Day social?

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The Benefits of Using a Customised Facebook Page

Facebook's preeminence among social media sites has made it one of the most important elements in any company's marketing strategy. Company pages make it easier to connect with customers, release information and keep fans updated about new developments. Recent changes to user pages, including the introduction of the new Facebook timeline, offer even more opportunities, but most companies make only limited use of them. In fact, many companies spend money on social media marketing without taking full advantage of the new opportunities these pages offer. At Square Balloon, we help social media budgets go further by taking advantage of these new developments.

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