Cool Runnings Air Conditioning

What do you get for the company that has everything? 3D Modelled animations that’s what!

A picture of the Running Cool website being designed from scratch
When Cool Runnings Air Conditioning came to us the first thing we did is declare them geniuses because of their company name and then our boss Eoin forced us all to rewatch the rap from the film which he insisted was a classic.
After we had finished enjoying Eoin’s delight we got to work. We needed a website that fitted Cool Runnings professionalism, but not only that… it needed to stand out. Afterall, we hang our hat on our creativity and the design work we come up with.
We came up with a nicely designed website. But it wasn’t enough. We needed more. And that’s when we had the idea to come up with something nobody else in the industry could do, or would do. Something that would last. Something that required skills that you couldn’t find every day in every company. We needed a 3D modelled animation that really showed what the Cool Runnings team did. We are really happy with the results, even when the client asked if we could put a person into the animation, typically one of the harder things to achieve in animation, we were able to oblige. We think this will make the site stand out from the crowd and we don’t anticipate many others in the industry putting faith in the marketing and brand of his company as Cool Runnings.
Two pictures, the first showing the website working on a laptop with an animated video of pipes in a wall.  The second the website being using on a mobile phone, showing a strong call to action.
Cool Runnings dedication to being the best lead to them having a market leading website allowed us to use the full range of our capabilities in order to deliver a great website which we have entered for an award.
If you want to be the best in your market speak to Square Balloon, let us be your outsourced marketing team, afterall… at Square Balloon, we rise together.
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Cool Runnings Air Conditioning
Cool Runnings specialise in industrial, commercial and residential air conditioning units.

Services Taken

Website Design, Content Writing, Videography, 3D Modelling Animation


Residential Trades, Commercial Trades, Industrial Trades, Air Conditioning

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