What happens when a TV company with a worldwide audience wants to improve their email marketing capability?

GAAGO show Gaelic sports around the world. Although the sports are regularly shown on Irish TV, expatriates who missed the sports needed a way to watch. That’s where GAAGO came in, a streaming service to watch Irish sports (you can think of it as the equivalent of Ski Go in the UK).
When we were approached by GAAGO we were ecstatic. With owner Eoin being half Irish, the thought of working with such a prestigious company filled him with delight. Not only that, but as he had been developing HTML Email templates for over 10 years he knew the quality we could bring to the work.
After speaking to the lads at GAAGO it was clear they need more than one template. Or at the very least a template that was flexible enough to hit many of their needs. It had to work with MailChimp their preferred email service provider (ESP) and it had to work in the template builder. As we are registered on the MailChimp experts directory and have numerous reviews having built over 300 templates it was a no brainer to go with us.
"We designed the template and got sign off. Then we went to work coding the email templates. And to be clear, email templates are painful to build. They are nowhere near as flexible as websites. But with over 10 years experience it was no issue for us. We tested it in over 40 different email clients, showing the clients the previews so they could be sure of what they were signing off. It was tested in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and Thunderbird, it was tested on PC and Mac. It was tested on desktop, mobile and tablet. Boy was it tested. By the end we knew we had a resilient product ready for market."
We trained their team how to use the templates, and we were on hand to help them with after sales support whenever a problem arose. We even kept an eye on the emails as they went out and proactively made recommendations so we could ensure the client got the most out of their product.
The end result? Another satisfied customer who was getting better conversion rates than ever before. Are you ready to take your email design to the next level? Speak to Square Balloon to see how we can help. Afterall.. at Square Balloon, we rise together.
GAAGO show Gaelic sports to more countries than any other TV company. Their main competition is Sky Sports.

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