Taking your Brand to the next level

Had the same brand since the company started?  Just starting out and want to make a real impact?  Feel like it's time for more consistency but don't know where to start?  Not to worry, Square Balloon are your brand coaches ready to help.

Our branding team showing off the strategy for the new brand


We help you define your brand, visualise it, and retain control and consistency.

Brain with a heart

Brand Definition

Before you design a logo, it's important to really understand what your brand stands for.

Brand Guidelines

The truth is, if you are running a business, you are also running a brand, whether you are focusing on it or not.

Logo Creation

The truth is, if you are running a business, you are also running a brand, whether you are focusing on it or not.

What is a brand?

Some of our Brand Work

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    Our Branding Process


    Discovery call & discussion

    In this call, we will ask about your business and current and target customers.  We will ask you what makes you different and what is your unique selling point.  And if you don't know any of this stuff, that's not a problem; that's the point of this process.

    Discovery Continuation and Brand Definition

    Sometimes we get it in one meeting, other times clients require 2, 3 or 4 meetings so we can both really understand things and ensure we're on the same page.  

    We know from experience this is the best way to achieve the right result.  By the end of this stage our branding team will be in a position to write your brands definition.  

    This will help our design team in the next stage.



    Let's get visual, logo design or redesign

    Now that we have defined who you are and what you stand for we are able to start designing the perfect logo that matches your message and audience.

    A high-quality professional design ensuring your customers believe in your brand and business.  A brandmark to put you ahead of your competition.

    Tying it all together with brand guidelines

    A brand isn't just a logo.  A brand is consistency.  A brand is the shapes, colours and fonts that all tie the brand together.  And brand guidelines tell everyone how to use the brand.  Something that helps everyone to be consistent.  


    Brands we've created