Square Balloon’s Privacy Policy

We hold information about our customers and our contractors, as part of day to day business developing websites, website maintenance, search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, graphic design and third party services related to our business offering. We work with third party providers, including companies providing hosting services , which means they too may have access to customer information. By signing a contract with us you are agreeing to us, and where appropriate our partners, holding your information.

Our Partners

In order for us to do business over the internet, we have third part partners who provide us with marketing services, advertising services and the means for client websites to be accessed, marketing and advertising services . Social media partners hold information on users of their services, which may include customers and our contractors. Those social media providers are responsible for management of the information they hold and have their own privacy policies in place, which are available via their online information sites.

What we do with your Information

We use the information you provide to be able to complete our obligations to you as a customer and contacting our contractors with details of the work they are undertaking for us. Our hosting service partners may also hold you information and we may have to provide them with your information in order for them to be able to provide you with their services. The hosting provider is responsible for the safety of the information they hold and have their own privacy policies.

How we hold your information

We hold information on computer hard drives, separate storage devices and we use cloud based storage services to store information. Our business computers and storage devices cannot be accessed via publicly accessible computer networks and are regularly backed up on separate storage devices. We maintain up to date anti-virus software with computers and devices subject to regular security scans.

What we do if there is a breach of our systems and data is accessed

We will inform you as soon as we become aware of any breach, advising of the nature of the breach, what data has been affected and how it has been affected. We will advise the Information Commissioner of the breach as soon as we become aware of it, in accordance with our statutory obligations. We will put in place an action plan to resolve the breach and to ensure that your information is returned to a safe and secure environment. We will aim to have an action plan in place within 24 hours of becoming aware of the breach and will resolve the breach as quickly as possible. The time taken to resolve a breach will depend on how complex and serious the breach.

What we cannot do

We are not responsible for the accuracy of content provided by you for your website, we are not responsible for the safety of any data you add to a website we have designed for you and we are unable to ensure data is secure on a website we have designed, including but where we ae not provideing a maintenance service for that website.

What happens if you no longer want us to hold your information

You need to let us know by email or letter that you no longer want us to hold your information. We will remove your information from all our systems within 5 working days of you letting us know.