A super luxury bathroom brand, that wanted to improve their reach on their target market...

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Aromabath are a luxury bathroom showroom based in East London. They have access to the best suppliers and can supply dream bathrooms to the mid to high market.
When we first met Bob from Aromabath it was clear they were exactly the sort of company that we love to work with. Not only were they ambitious, but they also appreciated quality and sat with our core values as they did a lot of work for charity and the community. They originally came to us to see if we could help with a website. A design team had created the website design, but were unable to undertake the technical side of the website build. We have an in-house design team, so usually we would take care of the whole job, so it was great to be able to work with a design created by someone else. We loved the design and although sometimes designers aren’t aware of the constraints of websites, the team here had done a great job and we set to work.
Some portfolio content.  A website and two social media posts.
It was clear that Aromabath with their ambition wanted some of our marketing services too. We offered them SEO and Social Media Marketing. The great thing about Aromabath is that they made their team available for us to meet them in person once a fortnight. This really helped us to embed ourselves into part of their team learning what they did and didn’t like and providing regular feedback. This is SO important with marketing as we need to know what is and isn’t working and adjust our strategy accordingly. Our design team set to work creating some beautiful high end social media designs. And our content writing team researched and wrote all the content for the posts. Aromabath were delighted – especially when it lead to a regular stream of inbound leads.
"The great thing about Aromabath is that they made their team available for us to meet them in person once a fortnight."
Various images from this project.  Social media posts, a website, videos and reels.
Our SEO team had been working away in the background whilst the website was being built and had some strong keyword research to back up our process and strategy moving forwards. At each stage it was discussed with the Aromabath team to make sure we were hitting the right notes and targeting the correct audience. This lead to a 10% increase in website traffic in only a few months. We’re really happy with the outcomes that are being delivered to Aromabath, new leads each month, increased traffic, regular website updates at their request. Overall the project is running smoothly and all heading in the right direction. We’re looking forward to more of Aromabath’s success as we work together as a team for the long term.
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Aromabath are a luxury bathroom company with ambitious targets. They worked with us so they could take out multiple services, all under one roof, with teams working seamlessly together.

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