How do you bring a new Estate Agent to a saturated market?

With a few big players making innovations but the rest of the market sticking to how it’s always been, how could a new agent break into the market?
Kingsmarq Real Estate came to us looking for direction as they entered a new market in an industry they had not featured in previously. It was clear they needed direction on branding, sales, marketing and even some moral support as they started their new business.
Two images, the first a customer reading a hand written Kingsmarq flyer.  The second showing both sides of a hand written post card.
We got to work straight away with a branding discussion. That lead to use creating a stand out logo and writing up some content for their website. Soon after they had to get marketing. They set about creating some post cards, they had to look hand written for that personalised touch. This was for their direct marketing where they would go door-to-door and canvas for new business. They had a 7 phased approach to these post card drops. A this time we also generated letterheads, business cards, a folder to put information in for each client, and email signature, and social media covers. Once they got going they needed sales boards too, all perfectly branded to fit in with what they were doing.
"After a while they featured themselves on Rightmove and needed more artwork for that, as well as a branded QR code so people could easily find them. They also needed magazine adverts designed each month. They even need an A0 design to feature on the side of a building. They were really going to take the market by storm."
Two images, the first an iPad showing an email signature and a for.  The second a for sale estate agent board in a garden.
In only their first year Kingsmarq became an award winning Estate Agent being the best in EC1A which was where their office was based. A remarkable performance from a remarkable company.
If you would like to have us in your corner when trying to get your business to market, get in touch to organise a chat with our award winning team. Because at Square Balloon, we rise together.
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Kingsmarq Real Estate
Kingsmarq Real Estate are an up and coming Estate Agent based in London.

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