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How to set up your custom domain email on an iPhone

We get lot's of support requests asking us how to setup email on an iphone, so we decided to create this helpful tutorial so that you can see the screenshots for yourself and we can talk you through things.

Here's a helpful video.  Our Android version is coming soon.

Step 1: Add a new mail account

First you need to go into settings.  On some iPhones this is "Mail, Contacts and Calendars" on other iPhones this is simply "Mail" and on other types it is "Accounts and Passwords".

tap mail contacts calendar on iphone ios7en 1 settings accountsen 1031 settings

Step 2: Add a new account

You need to click "Add Account".

tap add account on iphone ios7

Step 3: Add Mail Account

Although there are a lot of options here the right one to choose is the one that says "Add Mail Account".

tap add mail account on iphone ios7

Step 4: Choose the right type of email account

This step usually confuses people, although you may be familiar with other options such as Exchange or Google; in this instance, when setting up your email with a custom domain you will need to choose "other".

tap other on iphone ios7

Step 5: New Email Account Details

The name part of this step will show up when you send emails, you can put whatever you like.  I usually put the name of the account or the person and the domain name.  If you just put the name then there may be confusion in the person has multiple accounts.  In the description, I use something descriptive such as Johns email for the  domain.

The email address is the email address you are setting up e.g. .  The email address should already have been set up either by us or by you in your cPanel login.  

Your password will have either been given to you or setup by you using your cPanel.  If you are having trouble why not reset the password for the email address (remember if you do this you will have to change it on your phone, in Outlook on your Laptop, on your Desktop and anywhere else you have used the email address).  To access your cPanel you simply need to type in changing to your actual domain.

 enter email and password on iphone ios7

Step 6: POP or IMAP for your custom email

You have a choice of POP or IMAP.  I prefer IMAP because once you read an email on your phone, it will also be read on your desktop and anywhere else you receive your email.  If you use POP the emails will be unread on each device which may become irritating if you only log onto one device every now-and-then.  It will also take up more server space if you don't delete the emails from your server giving rise to the potential of you running out of space.

higlight the imap tab on iphone ios7

Once you have choosen IMAP or POP you will need to fill in the settings.  The first part is Incoming Mail Server but the Outgoing Mail Server Settings are the same.

Step 7: Incoming Mail Server

Your incoming mail server settings may look scary because of all the jargon but in actual fact, it is relatively easy to set up.  Your Host Name is whereby you change to your actual domain name.  If it fills in at the beginning, you need to remove it as that is incorrect.  You need to fill in all of the fields.

settings for incoming mail server on iphone ios7

Step 8: Incoming Mail Server

Your outgoing mail server settings are identical to your incoming mail server settings.  You need to fill in all of the fields.

settings for outgoing mail server on iphone ios7

Step 9: You are finished

Tap save and you are done.

tap save on iphone ios7