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How do you change a customers mind about marketing when others are giving differing opinions?

Equilibrium Debt Recovery were started by Alan Mills after he left his full time employment to have more flexibility in his life. He had tonnes of experience, but his company was new. And what’s more, he was used to working for a company that had debts owed to it. So how could he find new business when people didn’t like talking about their financials openly?
That’s when Alan approached Square Balloon. We knew immediately what was needed. He thought he needed a logo, and he would build the website himself. We advised him that the first step was to win business and not to worry about the marketing side of the business and return in 6 months. Yes, of course we could have taken his money, but one of our core values is honesty and integrity, and simply put, it was too early and he could achieve it without those things. Instead we introduced him to some of our contacts to help him get started.
Alan was very grateful that we had helped him and trust came easily after that. He built his own website and got a logo made cheaply. It wasn’t great, but it did the job in the short term. After work took off Alan approached us again, how could get a regular stream of enquiries? At that point we knew he was ready. We banished his original cheap logo. Not only did it look cheap, but it also contained a dollar sign and he mainly worked with UK clients. Then we created a new classy website for him. It didn’t need to be big, but it did need to convert well. Afterall what’s the point in marketing a website only to have people not convert when they get there? We developed a landing page for Equilibrium with a request a callback feature. We also added a contact form that would allow people to upload documents through his contact form so he could find all the information he required. Then we started a social media campaign. We covered Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn with our posts whilst simultaneously doing an outreach campaign via Instagram and LinkedIn. Alan wasn’t big on social media and was sceptical at first. But every month we diligently undertook the work. Every single post was sent to him and his team for approval prior to going live. And each month we delivered a report showing exactly where he was getting his best returns.
Equilibrium Debt Recovery are enjoying a return of their spoils from their consistent marketing efforts. Their marketing campaigns to date have a return on investment of 685% - not bad considering the approached us thinking “social media didn’t work”.
If you think social media doesn’t work… perhaps it’s time we had a chat. Afterall, at Square Balloon, we rise together.
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Equilibrium Debt Recovery
Equilibrium Debt Recovery are a no win, no fee debt recovery agency. They specialise in helping their clients recover unpaid invoices.

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