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We no longer provide email with our hosting

We no longer host email on our hosting accounts, we do however, offer the far superior Office365. We took this business decision for a few reasons:

  1. We have a super fast hosting setup, which is costly, therefore using space for client emails is not optimum and can slow down our customers websites.
  2. Our email service was inferior to that provided by Office 365, we did not use it ourselves, so we could not recommend it to our customers.
  3. Office 365 email is more secure, has more redundancy, has more backups and many other benefits.
  4. If your website hosting ever goes down, and it is also the provider of your email, it would also go down. This is a terrible position for a business, particularly if a hard drive dies and important emails are saved there.  It is for this reason that we always recommend the domain name, email and hosting are on three separate platforms, this avoids one single point of failure.
  5. But most of all, our email was far more expensive than Office 365 email despite the fact it was inferior.

We have taken this decision after a great deal of thought, without wanting to let our customers down.  Everything our company is based on is "best in class", as we were spending time honing our development and marketing skills to ensure our customer got the best return on investment we really weren't keeping up-to-date with email knowledge (except with HTML emails that we use for marketing). 

It is for that reason we are proud to announce our Office 365 partner Maptec IT.  Having worked with Maptec for a long period of time, and knowing their owner personally, we were assured that Maptec could take over our clients emails when necessary and provide the top quality service that we couldn't for the day-to-day management of email accounts. 

Not….another boring business card

Everyone has seen another boring business card. Everyone has a business card, but too often they provide information without any additional styling, they are purely informational. This blog article explores ways to improve a simple business card design adding interest and brand relevance.


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GDPR Information relating to your website

Hi avid reader - thanks for stopping by.  We KNOW this topic is a total bore fest, but here's the information you need.  If you haven't started this process yet, or you need documentation, call us on 0208 123 2554.


If you had your website built by us, it will utilise cookies.  These help the website to work and are classed as 1st party cookies.  They tell the website whether someone is logged in or not, or else we would never be able to update the content.  These are mandatory and are not breaking any laws. 

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Web Design - Finding the right tool!

With technological advances changing not only the tools we use to create a website but also how users access it, it is essential that web designers adapt their approach and choice of software to stay up to date with these changes.

For many web designers (including everyone at Square Balloon), Photoshop has long been their “go-to” piece of software for image editing. Full of tools to build graphics from scratch, Photoshop is fantastic for manipulating imagery and constructing graphic layouts, which at a time when web browsers were incapable of directly generating these kinds of effects themselves, was the perfect solution for visuals and demonstrating design concepts. However, with recent advancements in technology, Photoshop has seen its role changing with the emergence of other pieces of software that are taking its place in the web designers toolbox.  In this article we discuss some of the tools we use for the graphical side of web design.

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