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How do you show your value and stand out from the crowd rather than joining the race to the bottom?

This promotional merchandise company offered a great service. They really knew about the latest products and they were really creative when it came to thinking of ideas for new products. But how could they get that across if all people were doing is searching for the best price for a pen or a mug?
They needed to do something different, and they needed to stand out from the crowd and show off their creativity. Afterall, they were the first promotional merchandise company to brand an apple (the fruit).
The first thing we did was a bit of brand work around the content they needed created. It was clear they were creative, and the website had to be creative in order to get that across in a very direct way. Our initial homepage showed a very creative background. From there we built, and we decided to build a new homepage for every single month of the year. We had a style for the images we were choosing. They all had to show creativity, they had to relate to the product that was most popular at that time of year, but they couldn’t just show product, they had to be abstract in order to be different from the rest of the industry. So we decided to follow a theme of always choosing interesting angles. Either from above or below or from far away. Whatever we did, it had to be creative.
"When a customer called us to tell us that they had decided to choose us as the supplier because our website was more creative than all the other promotional merchandise companies we knew the website had really hit the mark!"
Did that mean we didn’t have a product catalogue? No, of course we still kept that, but the face of the company was one of creativity. They could access the catalogue if they wanted, but the first thing they would see was the creative campaigns they had worked on. By the end Ben from Manic Merchandise we amazed with the website. The constant changing of the pages kept it fresh at all times.
One day a potential customer fill in a contact form. The made the point that the creativity was the reason they were picked. They could trust them to come up with an innovative idea for them. Box ticked, we had hit the nail on the head. Another successful project completed! If you want creative ideas for your new website speak to Square Balloon about how we can be part of your marketing team. Because at Square Balloon, we rise together.
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Manic Merchandise
Manic Merchandise are a creative promotional merchandise company that breaks the norm. They do things on social media that others aren't, they come up with creative solutions that others don't. They're the best!

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