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How did a bus driver and a coded pipe welder end up in business together with a brand that is recognised nationally?

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A bus driver and a coded pipe welder, you couldn’t have picked two more different occupations, but they both had two thing in common. They were both consistently happy spending their time laughing and they both loved cycling. And boy did they know their stuff!
They first came to us to find out prices for a website. It was pretty clear from the beginning that they would need some help with their brand too as well as some content written for the website. They were on board straight away and we organised a meeting with our branding team. They showed us an idea they had put together but they were open to us suggesting a new route.
We didn’t stray miles away from the original route, but we put together a tonne of other ideas. The final artwork combined bike parts, a play on tour de France, a cyclist, a coffee cup, and coffee art. And they also had a much clearer idea of which way to go and a clear direction, all of which ended up playing a huge part in the way the shop was designed.
"Andy and Darren would combine their bicycle café with a bike workshop, the perfect stop for cycling clubs. We quickly built them a website to match their brand and show off their services. The brand showed throughout, the signage, the shop front and their social media."
The Allez Allez website showing the bike maintenance page.  Also a cropped image showing the email popup form.
And as they approached suppliers, some of them were keen to check out their digital footprint to see if they were legitimate. In-fact, one supplier was so impressed he allowed them to be the only independent supplier in the UK – which just goes to show the power of a good brand combined with a good website.
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Allez, Allez
Allez, Allez are a bike café and bike maintenance service based in Ongar.

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