The Benefits of Using a Customised Facebook Page

Facebook's preeminence among social media sites has made it one of the most important elements in any company's marketing strategy. Company pages make it easier to connect with customers, release information and keep fans updated about new developments. Recent changes to user pages, including the introduction of the new Facebook timeline, offer even more opportunities, but most companies make only limited use of them. In fact, many companies spend money on social media marketing without taking full advantage of the new opportunities these pages offer. At Square Balloon, we help social media budgets go further by taking advantage of these new developments.

Recent History: Facebook Timeline introduction

2011 saw the introduction of the new timeline format for Facebook profiles. Timeline pages have a number of features that make them different from older versions of the profile. From a marketing perspective, the large banner image at the top of the page, known as a "cover", is one of the most important. This large image provides a way to catch the viewer's eye, with much more space to express a company's identity than the older profile image. A bespoke cover adds professionalism and visual interest to any company profile.

Fangating, grow your likes

Another way to encourage a sense of community among customers or potential customers is with a fangate. A fangate, sometimes also called a "reveal tab", is a tab on a page which can only be viewed by users who have liked it. The promise of exclusive content encourages likes, making it easier for companies to communicate directly with potential customers, who will see updates from the page in their streams. Content hidden behind a reveal tab can include exclusive offers or other incentives. Contests or sweepstakes are a popular choice; these types of events are popular with social media users and easy to manage. A design firm with fangate experience, such as Square Balloon, can also create contact forms for the page as well as integrating it with some types of email campaign software, allowing the company's profile to lead to even more direct contact with potential customers.

Increased Google rankings due to social media

The rise of social media has been one of the most important developments in marketing in the last decade. With some search engines, such as Bing, taking increased notice of social media, the importance of this type of marketing will only continue to grow. By making a few comparatively simple changes to their social media presence, companies can take advantage of this trend to raise brand awareness and connect more easily with customers.