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Your design should go out and grab your customers, make them sit up and pay attention, and get them to act!

The printing costs of flyers are so low now-a-days, that flyers have become an even more cost effective way to reach new audiences and market your products and services. Space is limited however, and getting the message across whilst still representing your product or service a good light is imperative.

Good design is good business

Every penny counts for businesses in today's world, and every element needs to be well positioned and clear in order to maximise the return on your marketing activities. Make sure you get the most out of every flyer by using a design from Square Balloon.


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A variety of flyers all produced for the same client
Life Nightclub - A Christmas themed flyer
Life Nightclub - A Duplex A5 flyer
Walter Newbury - Vintage we are moving flyer


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