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Leaflet & Flyer Design

Your design should go out and grab your customers, make them sit up and pay attention, and get them to act!

The printing costs of flyers are so low now-a-days, that flyers have become an even more cost effective way to reach new audiences and market your products and services. Space is limited however, and getting the message across whilst still representing your product or service a good light is imperative.

Good design is good business

Every penny counts for businesses in today's world, and every element needs to be well positioned and clear in order to maximise the return on your marketing activities. Make sure you get the most out of every flyer by using a design from Square Balloon.


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A variety of flyers all produced for the same client
Life Nightclub - A Christmas themed flyer
Life Nightclub - A Duplex A5 flyer
Walter Newbury - Vintage we are moving flyer


Brochure Design

Stand out from the crowd, and leave a lasting impression

Professionally designed brochures start at 2 double sided pages upwards. Brochures allow you the scope and flexibility to provide clients, prospects and existing customers with a good amount of information.

Flexibility, longevity, and professionalism

Brochures also offer the option of insert sheets, as well as cut outs for things such as business cards. This flexibility means brochures can be adapted for different purposes and can be kept for a longer period without having to be replaced. Professionally printed marketing materials look a lot better than self-printed materials, leaving a good impression with potential business opportunities.


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Workplace Parking Scheme - Brochure
Workplace Parking Scheme - Tri-fold Brochure


Magazines & Catalogue Design

Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose!

In any magazine or catalogue one of the priorities is fitting all of the information into limited space.  Unlike a website a magazine has a finite amount of pages.  Our industry experience in this industry serves us well, which is why some of our customers trust us to design magazines with a print run of over a million copies.  

Space is important

Square Balloon's experience allows us to maximise the space used on every single page, ensuring that you can fit in as many products as possible, whilst still having a great looking magazine or catalogue.  All you need to do is tell us what your best sellers are, and we can advise you where they should be positioned. That's the benefit of using Square Balloon above our competitors, we're not just a design company, we're a business solution.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

Brand, Identity & Logo Design

Not just a logo, an all encompassing, consistent set of values & styles, across all media

A brand isn't just a symbol, a word, a nice font face.  A brand should represent your business' personality, its culture, its values, as well as your actual product(s) or service.  By taking this approach we think you'll find you end up with an identity that represents your business, and just as importantly, is unique.

Don't have an identity crisis!

Once a brand is built, the next challenge is implementing a cultural change so that the brand is always reflected consistently.  A brand guideline is the way forwards, outlining when & where people can use a logo, what fonts to use, templates for self-created materials, social media conduct and style, and a correct authorisation process for public materials.


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More from our Portfolio



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