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We are offering a half day social media training for people who are currently working from home or who cannot work in their business. This training is being offered on the 11th of May at 1pm. Prefer a different date?

Why during the Corona Virus?

A request came in from a client who stated that they had a reduced income during the corona virus lockdown.  Although they wanted to promote themselves on social media, they couldn't afford a social media expert.  However, they did have something extremely valuable.  They had time, not only that, but their partner was also furloughed and had time.  This created a unique opportunity to use this time to promote their business, but they lacked the skills.

They asked me if I could devise a training programme to help his business devise an effective strategy to promote his business.  A stategy that anyone could learn and implement.  A strategy that was effective, repeatable, looked great, and would generate business from the time spent.

So that is what we are offering to train you or your staff members to implement.  The programme will be a half day training session, we are asking that people register up front so we can make some of the training bespoke to their business. 

What you will come away with:

A marketing spreadsheet with daily, weekly, monthly activities.  Each with dates on so you can stay on target.

A review of your current social media presence and suggestions for improvements (if any).

Knowledge on how to create stunning posts.  What works well and common mistakes to avoid.

What are the most effective strategies for your business.

Which social media channels will work best for you, and how to approach those channels.

And how to track, measure and improve your success reliably.

Sign up below before we get booked up. 

We are aiming for between 10-20 people within the group (maximum 20).

The cost for this course is £50, which is exceptional value for a half day course, particularly if it is bespoke to your business. You will be emailed a PayPal link to book your place.

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