Make strangers fall IN love with you... Get 50,000 LinkedIn post views a month in 90 days

Join plucky author Eoin Oliver in his quest to get 50,000 LinkedIn post views per month within 90 days.  This hilariously dry and witty book takes you, and some of his unwilling friends, on a journey from LinkedIn rags to riches.

Although quirky author Eoin, is 42 and male, he one day decides that he too can become a LinkedIn influencer.  He notices that lots of pretty young girls are becoming increasingly popular on LinkedIn.  And despite not having their looks he will take them on.

Not only that.  But before he starts, he decides he is going to write a book about it.  He declares himself an expert and starts researching.

He studies posts, creates lists of what works, he analyses what makes them work.  And then quite simply, he copies it.  Join him on his witty, dry, sarcastic journey to become a "creator".

On his journey he methodically collects information to show his success.  He also keeps a diary of how he is feeling.

This book is not that diary, thank god.  This book is simply all of the posts he collected as research, his analysis of the posts and what works, and some evidence to back up his claims.  It also contains evidence from his friends too who he also made follow his actions to prove it was not a fluke.

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Make strangers fall IN love with you.  Get 50,000 LinkedIn post views a month in 90 days.

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