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Life Nightclub - Sittingbourne - Nightclub Poster & Flyer Design

We had designs on giving Sittingbourne a great night out!

Life Nightclub in Sittingbourne needed some new flyers and posters to promote the club with a new management team.  The new management team decided to use Square Balloon on a trial basis for their Christmas Flyer. The management team at Life were really happy with our work and decided to use us as a preferred supplier. Soon after we designed two new flyers to promote their club.  A duplex flyer that had information for both Friday and Saturday on one flyer.  The flyer could be turned upside down and reused saving Life money on printing costs.  The second flyer was a Summer Beach Party flyer.  Having completed the flyers satisfactorily we went on to design matching Facebook covers as part of a package deal we had with them.  

Life also decided to use us to design some beer mats with advertising featured on them.  Satisfied with our work, they tasked us with finding a solution to a problem.  They had monitors based around the nightclub and wanted to use them for promotional purposes.  We designed a slideshow based solution with an advert that kept the clubbers happy.

When working with Life we discovered that they had no access to their logo.  We were tasked with recreating the logo from scratch to match existing literature and the sign outside the club.

Life Nightclub were exceptionally happy with our work and offered us a free night out in their club.  As well as that they recommended us to all of their friends, and we have had new business from this client.  Here's what they had to say to us after we created their initial posters:

Managing Director, Haydn says... Thanks very much for these posters I absolutely love them.  The designs you have come up with are really unique and exactly what we wanted, in particular finding a way to include all of the information that we asked for.  It was an additional bonus to have the social media cover pages, and was refreshing that you offered this service to us.

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