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You get two for the price of one when you are a Gemini

The Gemini Parking Solutions Group have used us for a number of jobs.  Many of the jobs have been small jobs for one of their many business interests.  We done anything from website maintenance, SEO work, graphic design work, and even email marketing.

Having worked with Ryan at Gemini Parking Solutions for quite some time, he kept us in mind when he started his other companies, Gemini Drainage Solutions (flyer), Easy Go Waste Removal (SEO), Skyline Roofing Services (Business Cards) & Logo rebuild, and Skyline Building Services (website redesign).  

Throughout all of these businesses we were tasked with SEO work, some website maintenance work, and other minor design tasks that were required.  Ryan and Gemini Parking Solutions have been with us right from the beginning of our inception, and we think the fact that they have stayed with us is a testament to how much they trust us.

Managing Director, Ryan says… Thanks for your hard work, it works perfectly!

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