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Web Design Lessons from the Gaming Industry

It’s clear from the last few years that modern games have lost their basic 2D interface, typical of the games that we reminisce about from our childhoods. Instead, games have taken the visual experience of their players one step further, adding 3D effects (as we saw on the Nintendo 3DS) or creating immersive, ongoing worlds to explore with budgets sometimes larger than Hollywood films.

While investigating Grand Theft Auto might seem far away from the problems of a web designer, there are many lessons that can be learnt from effective (or not) game design to be integrated into building new websites, especially ones that aim at a similar audience.

Whether you’re designing a ten hour game or a brand new website, the audience designers are targeting is at the heart of the decisions being made to formulate an experience. For both an interactive video game and a journey through a website, it is vital that audiences put down their controller or close their web browser feeling positive about the media product they have just used.

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The future of Artificial Intelligence & Web Design

Take yourself back to the 80s, a decade that saw great socioeconomic change thanks to advances in technology and what some argue was a huge turning point for globalisation. However, many of you will also remember terrible internet connection and websites consisting of nothing, but plain pages of text, lacking images, buttons and stylistic font variations.

Now, back in the present day, surfing the web is completely different due to the introduction of coding systems like jQuery. These systems provide us with complex combinations of audio and visual content, allowing developers to design an experience rather than pure information for whoever lands on your page!

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Our code is being used by 23 Million websites

Yes, that’s right, 23 million, that’s not a typo, that’s a genuine estimate. How many other web design firms do you know that can legitimately make that claim?

This week we were designing a news page for a client’s site using the content management system (CMS) Joomla! Some of the news items were key bits of legal information and we wanted to highlight them differently to other news items.  Unfortunately, there was no existing method to achieve this.

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