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What will this ground-breaking new change to Gmail mean for you?

Email was invented in 1972, yes quite a long time ago… and a short 20 years later Outlook ’97 was invented. However, nearly 20 years later Outlook really hasn’t moved that far forwards, especially when you consider the rate that everything else has moved within the digital and tech world.

Due to the nature of Outlook’s progression, as an email designer, I have more reason than most to dislike Outlook. Unable to support a majority of the features that I use, we are limited in what we can produce with emails for our clients, held back by the lowest common denominator.

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The Insurance Industry significantly lags behind other industries with only 27% of insurance businesses going digital

The insurance industry is lagging behind in terms of Digital Marketing in comparison to other industries. The Insurance Industry in The City is renowned for its face-to-face approach to broking and underwriting deals, often with much of the legwork being done in informal surroundings before the final deal is done in the office.

According to Google 4.7% of the web is currently mobile friendly. Although an extremely low number, that is for whole of web, which includes, non-business, hobby, old, and unmaintained websites. Most significantly the number for business websites shows figures of 68% according to sources such as Clutch.

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Starting Christmas email marketing early

As summer comes to an end and the supermarkets start stocking Halloween decorations, Christmas might be the last thing on our minds. The overall volume of emails entering inboxes rises by 25% over the festive season and people are now busier than ever around Christmas time with present buying, family visits and finishing work before the holidays hit. As a result, it’s important for brands to consider their marketing strategy over the period as soon as possible and make sure they get it right.

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Brutalist Web Design

In 2016, we’re used to seeing fancy looking and engaging websites for brands, trying to interact and connect with their audiences. However, a recent trend seems to throwback to websites with a look reminiscent of 90’s dialup.

This design revolution, known as brutalism, goes beyond the limits of minimalism featuring few pieces of plain text, big white spaces and a lack of graphics that would make the most innovative of designers shiver.

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