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Viral marketing is it catching!

Technology is changing the world. As a society, we are inundated with content and advertising from every direction. Consumers are being saturated with advertising, leading to a form of blindness towards it. In the past, bold colours and a catchy headline were all that was needed to capture the attention of a prospective customer. Today, studies have shown that consumers, on average, see upwards of 3,000 adverts a day, making it much more difficult to stand out from the crowd. The marketing world has responded with a new type of marketing to promote products and services – viral marketing.

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Cheap mobile friendly websites have become a real possibility

Until recently, companies or individuals wanting a website featuring the latest social media tools that works well on mobile phones and iPads have had to pay high prices, putting an effective modern website out of reach for many people. Often a secondary website was required targeting mobile use, but now-a-days, both sites can be incorporated giving a consistent look and feel.

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Are you mobile compatible?

It had to happen. Two rapidly-advancing, media-related technologies, such as those that power the Internet and mobile phones, would inevitably have to merge, and that's exactly what's happening now. Smartphones are constantly being produced with ever greater, and more convenient, online access, in addition to their more traditional, and comparatively mundane, phone call capability. Even the hardware boundaries are becoming blurred, as personal computers have evolved via desktops, laptops, netbooks and tablets. It's getting harder to know whether the latest product is a phone with full Internet capability, or a pocket-sized, online computer that can also make phone calls.

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Improve Your Email Marketing Outlook

Email marketing has a huge potential for businesses; but it is not as simple as it may first seem. Certainly a successful email marketing campaign is an art form. There are many pitfalls to completing an email marketing campaign, many bravely march blindly into trouble. Often this can cause irreparable damage such as a dwindling list size at best, or a damaged brand or worse! This article aims to cover some of the benefits of email marketing and some of the pitfalls, and in general, whether it is worth considering a professional company to maximise the benefits of email marketing.

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