Square Balloon is attending Joomla! Day 2014 UK

We'll be attending Joomla! Day 2014, many thanks to Siteground for providing us with tickets so that we can attend!  As many of you already know, we use Siteground as our hosting partner, partly because they are awesome and give us free Joomla! day tickets, and partly because they are awesome and give us great support in a timely fashion, but mainly because they are awesome and their servers are top speed.  Would you like to WIN tickets to the Joomla! Day social?

Speed was such a vital factor in choosing a new hosting partner, and indeed the main consideration when moving away from our previous hosting partner Cyberhost Pro (whom we're still very grateful for the years of service they provided us).  So a big thanks from us to Siteground, and we hope to meet you all there.  See our next post for a chance to win a ticket to the Joomla! day social.