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Everyone has seen another boring business card. Everyone has a business card, but too often they provide information without any additional styling, they are purely informational. This blog article explores ways to improve a simple business card design adding interest and brand relevance.



Grid & Brand Colours


It is not enough simply to use a grid to neatly line things up. How about adding a background colour to part of a page to alter the grid, moving elements elsewhere? You can take that a step further using brand colours with a relevant image

Breaking the Grid


Use of lines to break up a page add a design element without taking up much additional space. In this case we used a two tone line to match both brand colours. The line appears as a single tone next to the image which already has a colour.

The End Result


Here is the final result. On the back side we used a thicker line to add detail. Because the line was thicker we could again add a subtle, but industry relevant, background image to it.

A look at it straight on

role recruitment business card MOCK

The final design of the business card for this client. This time we show it straight on so you can fully appreciate all of the design elements we covered. The two lines break up the grid, add distance between the main logo whilst highlighting it. The other wording lines up width wise. The lower wording is spaced further away giving clear visual hierarchy and direction. We also use the brand colours within that text to highlight individual words within a long string of characters.

How to make information more interesting

role recruitment business card MOCK2

The back of the card contains a lot more information, which is always harder to make visually interesting. The logo is coloured and larger, as well as separate in the top left.

By making the persons name larger and coloured we give it a clear second position in terms of visual hierarchy. We made the job title smaller, and grey, which took away some of the prominence, so we capitalised it. We also ensured it was close to the persons name ensuring the two elements stayed #relevant to each other.

As you read from left to right we show the contact details, with icons to easily identify the difference between the two phone numbers. It would have been easy to leave the icons in black, but we added a brand colour to them. We try to avoid a pure black in our designs most of the time as it's a little harsh. Although we did not #design the logo, the grey used is much less harsh.

Finally, there is a visual element at the bottom of the businesscard. The line is thick enough to take a picture within it. If you look closely you can make out train tracks. Both sides have been #coloured to match the branding.

That's all from today's "not another boring business card".  We hope you have enjoyed reading the reasons WHY we do things.  If you would like to work with us please get in touch.

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