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Hi avid reader - thanks for stopping by.  We KNOW this topic is a total bore fest, but here's the information you need.  If you haven't started this process yet, or you need documentation, call us on 0208 123 2554.


If you had your website built by us, it will utilise cookies.  These help the website to work and are classed as 1st party cookies.  They tell the website whether someone is logged in or not, or else we would never be able to update the content.  These are mandatory and are not breaking any laws. 

Depending on how complex your website is, there could be many first party cookies.  It could be argued not all are needed.  This would have to be decided on a per website, per cookie basis.  

We usually install Google Analytics by default so you can understand how much traffic your website is receiving.  The data in Google Analytics is annonymised.  These are known as 3rd party cookies.  People should be able to request that they opt out from receiving these cookies.  

We're telling you this because you should also include this information in your privacy policy.  And you should definitely have a privacy policy to be GDPR compliant. If you need a privacy policy, contact us.  We cannot simply copy and paste privacy policies for all of our clients as they all process and store data differently.  This is a key part of GDPR  

Sometimes data about your clients is saved

Your websites contact form will save any contact form data in your websites database.  For us, we always felt it was a fail safe.  If you didn't receive the email, we could check the database and get you a copy of the contact form.  This has saved our clients on numerous occasions.  

However, things have changed.  Now, we need to consider data retention.  How long you store a persons data for, whether you need to store it for that long, and your policies and procedures for (a) deleting that information and (b) leaving an audit trail of that process.  This will be down to each individual company.  If you need us to help you to comply, please contact us.  We cannot do this automatically, as we do not know each clients retention policy.

The right to be forgotten, and why you need to know that information is saved in the first place

People have the right to be forgotten, which will mean, any users stored on your website will need to be anonymised or deleted.  

Privacy Policies

If you need help uploading or creating your privacy policy please get in touch.  If you need help creating the various other proceedures surrounding GDPR, please let us know.  

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